“I wasn’t really worried until I heard that people are dying”

Hi I am Rebecca and I am 8 (nearly 9) years old I live in London and I really miss school.

When I heard about COVID-19 I wasn’t really worried until I heard that people are dying because of it. When I heard schools were closing I really hoped my school wouldn’t close mostly because I love school.

Then my teacher told me something that made me less worried. She said that COVID-19 had only affected people who where older than me. She also said that children were strong so they could fight off the virus.

Then a few days later,my mum said that people who had asthma (like me) had to stay home. That made me worried. But I was enjoying myself so I actually forgot about the virus.

My mum and dad said that people were going crazy because they were buying ‘everything’ in the shops! So my mum had to do online shopping and she had to wait in a virtual queue which I thought was crazy.

I really liked playing in the garden and playing minecraft and even having movie nights EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!😎 I felt sooo happy.

That brings me to now,now I feel bored and even playing minecraft is not fun.

But I’ll tell you what is fun. Hanging out with family.

This was written by Rebecca (8), who lives in London, England.


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