“Most things we needed were all taken”

Hi! My name is Murray. I am 12 Years old.Me and my family lives in a family shelter in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada.

I have been at home for 1 month because of the Covid-19 pandemic and cant go to school.I and my siblings have to be quarantined in our homes such that we couldnt even go to the malls to buy things because most things we needed were all taken like the tissue papers and disinfectant wipes,sanitizers etc.and there was none left but luckily there were few pharmacy shops that were still open in our area and my mum was able to buy some essential things we will need during the stay at home event.

I am an outside person, i love to go outside alotto play and for me, staying at home that LONG is a BIG problem for me so its kinda HARD for me to stay in and before the Covid-19 pandemic started i was looking forawrd to Playing Basketball outside the at the park, Going to the beach,Riding my bike and some other things in mind but i didnt get to do it because i was quarantined in my house.

For the past 1 month i have been going online to do my online google classroom work and read some books,play online games or watch tv.

And it is fun sometimes but also gets boring so… yeah that its for today

This was written by Murray (12), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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