“I don’t follow the schedule that my principal sent”

At home, I don’t follow the schedule that my principal sent. Things are way different.

First, I get up at 9:30. Then, I eat breakfast. Also, I get to go outside and play with my little bro. I wonder if I will ever follow the schedule instead of just sleeping late.

After that, I get even more free time. In my free time, I usually do oragami, draw and do some crafts. Later, I eat lunch. I think that’s an awesome way to spend my morning!!

After lunch, I finally start to do studies. First, I finish my schoolwork (which is pretty easy and does not take that much time). Then, my mom gives me few math worksheets, 2 pages of science and a writing paragraph.

In the evening, I sometimes spend time with my family by going for a walk. I ride on my scooter because I hate walking. When I come back, I eat dinner and watch TV. To end the day, I go to bed.

I hope no virus like COVID19 ever happens again.

This was written by Aarav (8), who lives in Fremont, California, United States. 

United States

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