“I feel like I am stuck at home”

Hi. My name is Rami and I am 14 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada.

I am at home with my parents, my 2 sisters,and my cat named sarge. I feel like I am stuck at home and always bored. Sometimes when its nice outside, I go and play, sometimes sit outside, and also enjoy the view.

This was written by Rami (14), who lives in Ontario, Canada.


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  1. It’s hard Rami I know, but we’re going to get through this. Even if we’re not as close to each other in person there’s still people who love you. And for you being bored may I suggest writing. I’m making a story in Google Docs. that I’ll post on the internet. You could make a fort. I’ve started listening to Robin Skinner about a year ago and I still love his music so I started writing down his lyrics down on paper and writing what I think he means. I’m not saying you have to use that music but it’s actually kind of fun. So anyways I hope this helps you a little.


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