“My own home is now a prison”

Hi my name is Prisha I’m 11 years old and I live in Saskatchewan,Canada and I wrote a little poem about covid-19

It’s January 2020 not much is going on. Schools open, planes are in the sky, people are everywhere enjoying life.Theres also this thing called covid-19 its not serious and its not in my country.

It’s February 2020 a famous basket ball player and his daughter have gone to heaven. I’m going to school, its like prison.The virus has reached my country. It’s still not that serious and it’s not in my city.

It’s March 2020 and the virus is spreading and it’s reached my city and 2-no 6 cases are in. Schools going to close soon I’m not going to miss it. This virus is in my city and its getting serious.

It’s April 2020 hundreds of people are dying every day. I miss school and I think my own home is now a prison. Now I know how it is in a zoo living with care but stuck in a cage every day. This virus is serious and it’s not a joke, its spreading everywhere.

This was written by Prisha (11), who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.


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