“I have been baking a lot more than I used to”

I am writing this from Toronto, Ontario. My name is Taya and I love to cook.

Since we can’t go to school my parents set up a “home school”. Usually I do all my work in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon. One morning I was watching something on my iPod. That’s when I saw a video of someone making a cupcake in a mug. So I asked my mum if I could try it. She said yes. So I tried it. And it worked! So I made one for each person in my family. They all enjoyed it.

I am lucky to have a supportive family. Since then, I have been baking a lot more then I used to. But I’m still very bored.

Sometimes I play Frisbee with my dad.

This was written by Taya (10), who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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  1. Wow, Taya! You are published.
    Nice job.
    We are pretty bored here, too, but Marlena has been baking as well. We haven’t played frisbee, but there has been a lot of badminton in the driveway.
    Glad to hear you are doing well.


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