“I was sick for a day and I got scared”

I am okay. I am 10 and in 4th grade.

Homeschooling is fun because it’s faster and easier.I miss my teachers and it being quiet when I need it to. Some of my siblings are a pain in the butt. I help my mom a lot and it’s fine.

I am angry and a little sad that I did a lot of hard work in my dance class for nothing because our recital got canceled. I am worried orchestra concert will be canceled too. It was supposed to be on May the 4th and we were playing Star Wars music.

I was sick for a day and I got scared that I had coronavirus. The doctor said I didn’t have it but I’m worried because I may be fine but still have it. I’m afraid I’m going to give it to someone else because you can’t do anything about viruses.

I use message kids, text, and facetime to talk to my friends. I even made a new friend on messenger! I’m sending some letters to friends and teachers too. I made joy bags with fun stuff in them and dropped them off for my friends to make them smile.

I like to make people feel good.

This was written by Devyn (10), who lives in Pennsylvania, United States. 

United States

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