“Put up your hearts in your window”

hello I’m Neah what I’m going to talk about my story of why you can get sad but my story.

So it was a normal day at school we did some ELA. during snack my teacher said that school is closed on Friday. the next day I had breakfast then ten seconds later I told my I’m bored so and I had a flash back of me and friends saying good bye. I was almost going cry cause its sad image you saying good bye to your best friends and you don’t know the next time your going to see them.

a week later store and shops started to close I was scared cause I’ve never seen nothing like this. A week later we started to put up hearts. But I saw on the news why you are putting up hearts it is for the health care workers. cause there are some health care workers have not seen their family for a few days. so put up your hearts in your window and show your heart.

This was written by Neah, who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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