“I made a rainbow on the window”

Hi I’m Logan, from Hamilton.

During this time off I have watched two movies. This week, my Mom, Dad, Sister, and I made a rainbow on the window to help make people feel happy. I wanted to sleep over with my great grandma before the Corona Virus, but because of it I could not, so I was sad. Mom and Dad said it was because of social distancing, and that we wouldn’t want to get her sick incase we had the virus and didn’t know it.

I kind of miss school, because I want to see my friends again. I like school I just don’t like that someone steals from us in the classroom, which isn’t nice.

I hope that the Corona Virus will be done soon, and that I will be able to see my friends and family again.

Especially Great Grandma. We call her ‘Baka’ in Croatian, which is her language.

I hope everyone is staying safe!

This was written by Logan (8), who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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