“I just feel bad a lot”

My name is Caroline, I’m an 11 year old middle schooler from Medicine Hat and times are tough. No beating around the bush, and I’m not handling it very well. I seem to be coping with it by eating very unhealthy and isolating myself from others to play video games.

But I think I’m getting better, just recently I made myself supper and I would say it was fine. Perogies and veggies. Not bad. But I feel really, really bad whenever I eat anything unhealthy so I just feel bad a lot. I have a terrible habits of motivation.

This was written by Caroline (11), who lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.


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  1. Oh Caroline, I’m sorry to hear this. I think you are likely not alone! It is a hard time for a lot of people. Try not to be hard on yourself. If you can accept that it is hard for many people, maybe that will make you feel better about having a difficult time? Maybe make a list of the things that that make you feel good – maybe it’s learning how to make a salad from fresh ingredients, or listening to a great podcast, or just going for a walk in your neighbourhood, and start doing them one at a time? Small things sometimes add up to big things. As you get more motivated you can add goals, and harder tasks for yourself. But start small. Cheering you on Caroline! Ms. Becky ( a teacher, and a mom of 3, in Victoria, BC)


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