VIDEO: LEGO PM talks to kids

Note from Jeni: This website exists to tell kids’ own stories about life under lockdown, but from time to time I’ll share other cool things that kids might like. Here’s the first of those!

From Tyler Walsh, who made this video with the help of his two boys:

Last Month during one of his press conferences, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a message for Canadian children about how they can do their part in the fight against COVID19. It’s a powerful statement, one that deserves a version all kids will want to watch.”

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  1. What a great video!

    I would like to share this with my students. I am a librarian in Erin Ontario.

    Please let me know if you give permission and who I should credit for this great work.


    • Hi Lori! I first saw the video when it was posted publicly on Twitter, by its creator (Tyler Walsh, who made the video with his children). If you click on the link (title) in the video, it will take you to the video page on YouTube, where you can see Tyler’s photo and video description. Hope that helps!


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